18 of November 2019 16:07

The establishment of Ukrainian nationality occurred simultaneously with the development of the national border agency, solution to issues of state border control, its legal registration and infrastructure development.

Since 1991, the border agency of Ukraine was an actor of national security providing system and within its powers exercised considerable volume of measures under the Law.

Since 2003, the Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine is the legal successor of the State Committee of Ukraine's border protection.


The development of the state border and border agency during twenty-four years of Ukraine's independence, historians divided into five periods:


1991: it is just the beginning

1994 - 1999: the period of development

2000 - 2003: time of reforms

2003 - 2014: further development and formation

Since 2014 - strengthening of military components in agency's system, adaptation of the existing system to conditions of special period (warfare)

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