Since 2014 - strengthening of military components in agency's system, adaptation of the existing system to conditions of special period (warfare)

12 of June 2017 14:42

After the Revolution of Dignity, border guard agency needed radical changes.

The necessity to improve security of the state border was caused by:

"Hybrid" war on the east;

threats of territorial integrity, independence and existence;

threat of separatism and  international terrorism;

intensification of smuggling of weapons and means of terror;

drug trafficking;

illegal migration;

threat of illegal proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and environmentally dangerous substances.

In this extremely difficult period,  the border guard  agency has been  headed by Colonel-General Viktor Nazarenko.

Operative and military border units have been created. This units took under the control boundary line of temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.


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