1994 - 1999: the period of development

12 of June 2017 10:41

Development of the Border Troops took place in the period of 1994 - 1999

During this period, the tasks assumed by the long-term comprehensive development program of the state border of Ukraine were performed; legislation on the state border was improved; legal regulation of the state border was carried out; the ideology of the state border was formed and established; the network of border crossing points was developed; the management system, structure of troops, it’s operational activity and logistical support were improved.

During this period, 391 millions of citizens and  81.9 millions of vehicles were passed through the state border.

134 205 border  violators were detained. Among the total number  of detainees – 65 628 individuals were illegal migrants.

10.643 units of  weapon,  2.307.741 pieces of ammunition, 2.75 kg of explosives, 11.685 kg of drugs and  200 kg of radioactive substances were  seized.


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