Border Guard Aviation

The main tasks

The main tasks of aviation in 2019:

1. To ensure operations of border divisions, maritime forces to prevent invasion on the territory of Ukraine reconnaissance and raiding groups, illegal armed forces and terror’s means.

2. Airspace monitoring of the state border, exclusive economic zone, territorial waters, temporarily uncontrolled border and security strip along contact line by patrol aircrafts, helicopters and unmanned aircraft systems.

3. Implementation of transport (sanitary) carriage first of all in the interests of combat units who carry out their duties in the security strip along of contact line.

4. Formation of modern aviation’s structure which be able to effectively carry out functions of protecting national interests at the state border and exclusive economic zone of Ukraine. Establishment of new approaches to us aviation of the SBGSU to meet requirements of today.

5. Light patrol helicopters (Airbus H125) preparation which includes crew training and preparation of airbase.

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