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Twinning Project

Briefing Note on the EU Twinning Project

«Support to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in further development IBM approaches for travel document verification and stolen motor vehicles detection».

The Project consists of the following three components:

Component 1 – Assistance in monitoring and evaluation of the new IBM Strategy and Action Plan implementation;

Component 2 – Improvement of the border checks systems including IT solution in line with the EU models and best practices;

Component 3 – Approximation of the national legislation and practice in the field of stolen motor vehicles detecting to the standards of the EU Acquis.

The project foresees the following tasks:

Conduct of consultations on a daily basis between the Administrative Office of SBGSU representatives and the short-term experts from the EU Member States leaded by the Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA);

Performance of Study-visits in EU Member States to study on practice the aspects and the elements of the IBM strategy implementation;

Alignment of the legal and regulatory framework in line with EU standards and best practices.  

Project Duration24 months.

      Budget of the Project – EUR 1.3 million (Grant of the European Union).







The main beneficiary component The Administrative Office of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. Other project partners: State Fiscal Service, State Migration Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Twinning-partner of the Administrative Office of SBGSUEU Member State selected on a tender basis (International Consortium of Border Agencies of the Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Lithuania and  Republic of Poland).

Note: Twinning  is a European Union instrument for institutional and technical cooperation between Public Administrations of EU Member States and of beneficiary and partner countries. The main trace of the Twinning projects is an exchange of best practices in a particular identified sphere of the state regulation with the aim to introduce the EU models and best practices.

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