Border Guard Service

Creation of "intellectual" system of state border guard

New ways of illegal activities require the introduction and deployment of modern technologies in the system of the state border guard.

Since 2014 one of the priorities of the State Border Service of Ukraine has been to create an "intellectual" system of the state border guard, which involves increasing the technical component and the adoption of new technical means of protection of the state border.

One of the main tasks defined by the Strategy of the State Border Service of Ukraine approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 23.11.2015№ 1189-r is to ensure the development of border infrastructure.

The development of border infrastructure involves the creation of "intellectual" system of the state border.

Creating modern "intellectual" system of state border  provides deployment of:

Towers integrated network of technical surveillance equipment (radar, optical-electronic cameras) and means of data transmission (for open and flat areas);

Wireless monitoring systems (such as «Smartdec -869»), GSM-cameras (such as «BolyGuard BG - 500L-HD» , «HuntCam HC-300M»), which can perform photo (video) recording in detection of the object (person, animal, vehicle) in the field of view of camera and automatic transmission of the image on a mobile phone or a computer (for half-open mountain and wooded areas);

extinguishing systems for protection of extended sections of Ukrainian production on the linear part of the current barrier fence (ex-extinguishing systems or systems) - in certain areas;

video surveillance and alarm systems by establishing multispectral cameras and sensors on the existing metal observation tower;

mobile technical surveillance systems (SUV- based) with the simultaneous implementation of radar and optical-electronic surveillance;

thus command centres and border troops departments for information about alarms from all the technical means deployed of state border guard and timely response to the situation;

means of data transmission (communication means) from technical means to command centres.

In the past three years due to budget funding and MTD projects on arming of State Border Service of Ukraine  a number of modern technology was received:

mobile combat units "Triton";

system of early warning, detection and recognition of the corporation "Aeros" (USA);

wireless surveillance system «SMARTDEC-869";

video monitoring systems and alarm (multispectral cameras and sensors installed on existing interconnection, fence and some towers), seismic systems (fibre - optic cable), means of data communication and command centres (deployed by Air Force for receiving information about alarms from TZOK) that in complex provide creation of intellectual control system;

unmanned aircraft systems BpAK-MP-1 «Spectator -M».

In addition, in 2016 conceptual approaches to further creation of a modern "intellectual" system of state border State Border Service for further term (2030) and some proposals to build the technical component for sections of the border with the Slovak Republic and Poland.

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