Requirements to appeals and application form

03 of July 2019 11:46

T H E   L A W   O F   U K R A I N E

On public appeals

dated 2nd October 1996



Article 5. Requirements for an appeal

Appeals are addressed to public state authorities and local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations irrespective of ownership, public associations and officials, which competence includes resolving issues raised in appeals.

An appeal may be submitted by an individual person (individual) or group of persons (collective).

Appeals may be oral or written.

The written appeal should be sent by a mail or transmitted by person individually or through authorized person to relevant authority or institution, which are made under the law.  A written request can also be sent via the Internet, by electronic means (electronic addresses).

The appeal should contain the citizen’s full name and dwelling place, the point of questions raised, comments, suggestions, statements or complaints, requests or demands. Written appeal should be signed by the applicant(s) and contain the date.

An appeal performed without complying these requirements is returned to the applicant with the relevant clarifications not later than 10 days after it’s receipt, except cases provided by part 1 of Article 7 of this Law.

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