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What changes of border crossing adopted adjacent countries
09/04/20 - 07:30

This article collected information about restrictions in countries that Ukraine borders with.

That is just reference information and non-official one. If case you are planning a journey abroad, we suggest you to read the law about restrictions in countries of your route.

MOLDOVA. Border police of this country informed that from 8.00 a.m. 29th of March 2020, automobile border crossing point “Brychany-auto (“Rossoshany” on Ukrainain side) stopped to conduct any kind of control.

From 17th of March Moldova prohibited the entering of foreigners and adopted State of Emergency.

BELARUS. In this country the government adopted 14 days isolation for people who entered from countries with coronavirus. Till the end of quarantine this persons are not allowed to leave Belarus.

POLAND. Foreigners enter is prohibited from 15th of March 2020.

SLOVAKIA prohibited entering of foreigners from 13th of March.

RUSSIA restricted entering of foreigners from 18th of March and in the same time allowed to enter by citizens of temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories. From 30th of March adopted additional restrictions.

HUNGARY restricted entering of foreigners from 17th of March, Emergency State adopted from 12th of March.

ROMANIA restricted entering of foreigners from 22nd of March, Emergency State adopted from 16th of March.

Also, we should inform there are some exemptions on restrictions of border crossing by foreigners in neighboring countries. Usually, it touches diplomats, persons who carry out international transportation, members of crew, and foreigners who have permissions of living these countries.

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