Ukrainian State Border Guard Service personnel keep performing tasks on Ukrainian border protection

06 of March 2014 10:41

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine personnel in Crimea continue carrying out tasks on Ukrainian state border protection.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine personnel in Crimea continue carrying out tasks on Ukrainian state border protection.

Border guarding keep deterring aggression of Russian Federation Black Sea Fleet military, special forces and services connected with blocking the Ukrainian border guard bodies and units on the Crimean territory.

Direct forceful actions of armed military arisen with the aim to take border management under their control. Despite the acts of provocation (blocking the administrative bodies, technical border protection means and moral coercion, blackmail, threatening, attempts of tampering on the part of the foreign special forces) Ukrainian border guards continue carrying out their direct tasks on the Ukrainian state border protection. The high level of nationality, civic awareness and devotion to Ukraine is noting constantly.

The ship and cutter personnel of State Border Guard Service Marine Guard was succeed to be removed on new locations and keep guarding territorial waters and exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine.

The State Border Guard Service personnel didn’t leave the boarder, didn’t leave its units and the line of duty place, didn’t lay down the arms and didn’t give the Ukrainian border management system into hands of aggressively-spirited foreign special services forces and local extremists.

Despite the damage to communications systems, border management board operates properly, using temporary deployment points.

Without taking a single step back, Ukrainian border guards firmly declare their readiness to defend the state line to the last.

Most of the border guard units staff that have been blocked, still express a desire to continue to serve and now their redeployment is organized.

Border guard officers and military under the contract, serving in the Crimea now, are fully equipped with all the necessary technical means, their allowances are provided fully and in time.

Operation “Kordon” (“Border”) has been started at the Eastern border of Ukraine with the participation of Ministry of Interior and the Security Service of Ukraine. The objective of the operation is to prevent entry to Ukraine from the territory of the RF of organized groups, individuals, who may take part in actions and events of extremist character at the territory of Ukraine, trafficking in weapons, ammunitions and explosives. Reserve units of the SBGSU, training centres, and mobile units additionally deploy border patrols and use special technical equipment.

Also, the State Border Guard Service jointly with Ministry of Interior representatives enhanced control in the monitored border area.

Border guards have always been and remain real patriots of their Motherland, faithful to their Ukrainian people and the Oath.


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