Transit section of the Odesa-Reni road - border guards block the activity of ‘evaders’

22 of September 2023 08:05

Under the legal regime of martial law and mobilization activities, there has been a significant increase in the number of detentions of men aged 18 to 60 who attempt to leave Ukraine to avoid military service.

Potential refugee use a variety of illegal schemes, including the use of telegram channels and social networks to cross the state border bypassing BCPs, and the use of forged documents to leave Ukraine through established BCPs.

Recently, border guards have recorded numerous attempts by potential ‘evaders’ to travel abroad using the peculiarities of the transit section of the Odesa-Reni highway, which they get to with the assistance of truck drivers.

Since the beginning of this year, border guards have detected and prevented four such cases. They detained 11 border violators and 6 truck drivers who assisted and helped the ‘evaders’ to cross the border. Pre-trial investigations have been initiated into the identified criminal offenses.

As for the attempts of the ‘evaders’ to use forged documents to travel abroad, on average, border guards detect 3 to 7 such persons daily on the transit section of the Odesa-Reni highway.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine is taking active measures to prevent men from leaving the territory of Ukraine illegally and to eliminate illegal migration channels used by potential refugees.

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