Tor and Dzhesi are four-legged security guards of the first persons of the state

18 of December 2021 08:00

Meet Tor and Dzhesi, four-legged employees of the State Security Service of Ukraine.

These furry guards have special tasks - they will be responsible for the security of the first persons of the state. In order to become real professionals, they were trained at the Dog Training Center of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

For two months on the basis of the center cynologists of the State Protection Department of Ukraine were trained with their wards. Four-legged guards underwent training in weapons and explosives searching. These dogs will search for explosives before security measures, because their unique sense of smell can detect explosives, which can not be found even with a metal detector.

To search explosives is one of the most difficult tasks for dogs. Therefore, considerable attention in the learning process was paid to full interaction with the dog trainer and perfect execution of commands. After all, to understand each other without words is the most important thing in a dog couple, especially when working with explosives. Upon detecting a dangerous object, the dog must warn his partner and in no case move the find, as it may explode.

The training was successfully completed, and the exams were passed "excellently". So now the faithful and fearless guards Tor and Dzhesi can begin their responsible work, because the security of the first persons of the state is now in their safe paws.

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