14 of March 2022 11:23

On March 13, more than 80 thousand people and 15 thousand vehicles crossed the state border of Ukraine in the western part. The figures indicate that passenger traffic had decreased by 10% compared to the previous day.

Yesterday, over 62 thousand people left Ukraine. Most of those who left - approximately 41 thousand people - crossed the Ukrainian-Polish border. Currently, there is low traffic of people and vehicles in all directions.

Yesterday, over 17 thousand people came to Ukraine, almost 14 thousand of whom are Ukrainians. Most of them are men who are ready to fight against the aggressor. We are thankful to our compatriots! Overall, since the beginning of the overt armed aggression, more than 248 thousand of our countrymen have returned to Ukraine!

It should be recalled that all checkpoints on the western border (except “Dzvinkove”) are open around the clock. Border guards and customs officers are making all possible efforts to speed up the clearance of persons leaving Ukraine and to clear humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian population and defenders of Ukraine. Within the past 24 hours, 870 vehicles with humanitarian aid have been cleared.

We recommend that you monitor the density of the checkpoints traffic for the border crossing to the Republic of Moldova and the EU following the Facebook page the Western Regional Department of the State Border Service. The information is updated every two hours.

We ask all citizens at the border to respect law and order, queuing procedures, and morality norms while crossing the border and not to offer bribes to border guards for exceptional or illegal border crossing!

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