“The New Face of Management”. A new competitive selection has started at the State Border Guard Service

24 of January 2022 08:01

The selection of candidates for enrollment in the personnel reserve for the positions of the first deputy chiefs of state border protection bodies - chiefs of staff - has started at the State Border Guard Service under the project “The New Face of Managem

It will be recalled that this project is a completely different ideology of appointment to senior positions in the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, which is being implemented with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine and IOM.

The competition is open to persons who have been in military service in the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine for at least ten years, have a higher education level not lower than the second (master's) level in state border security, law enforcement, military administration or national security.

It should also be added that the selection of candidates for the positions will be based on the test of knowledge in the professional field (testing), foreign language (English) (testing), business Ukrainian (testing), professional competence, which which is done by taking tests of physical training and fire training, automated testing of personal characteristics (psychological test), qualification interview and screening of candidates by a polygraph (with the consent of the candidate).

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