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Serhii Deineko met with Huntis Puiats on March 24.

Serhii Deineko met with Huntis Puiats on March 24.

The sides discussed the tasks and functions performed by the border guards of Ukraine and Latvia, as well as focused on the situation on the borders of the two countries and the current threats of border security.

The heads of border agencies noted that the situation on the borders of both countries remains under control.

Serhii Deineko informed his Latvian colleagues that along with the 3-fold decrease in the total passenger flow, the indicators of some types of illegal activities at the border have increased, and the number of border violations by illegal migrants has decreased by 22%. In addition, given the scale and consequences of the Coronavirus, the current situation required new approaches, balanced decisions, and the right response from the Ukraininian border guards to the new challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the conversation, the sides focused on the engineering of the border, including in areas with the Russian Federation. In particular, as noted, Ukraine is actively implementing infrastructure, which allows to identify all changes at the border and elements of the situation. Emphasis was placed on the introduction of modern alarm systems and video surveillance, the use of fiber-optic lines.

“One of the main tasks is to arrange the entire section of the border with Russia in such a way that the situation and the scene at the state border can be controlled with full confidence,” Serhii Deineko said.

The Latvian side expressed interest in studying the experience of Ukraine. Huntis Puiats noted that they will be happy to get acquainted with the developments used by Ukrainian border guards to take into account the protection of their border.

In addition, Latvian border guards were interested in the projects of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine on the selection of personnel for appointment to positions on a competitive basis, which are implemented jointly with international partners.

The heads of border agencies emphasized their attention for further joint cooperation to ensure reliable protection of the state borders of the Republic of Latvia and Ukraine.

“The Border Agency of Ukraine is interested in further development of cooperation in the areas of exchange of experience in border protection, risk analysis, exchange and collection of information, staff training and development the cooperation of operational units,” said the Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Huntis Puiats expressed gratitude for the opportunity to hold a meeting to further strengthen friendly relations and develop agencies and wished peace on the Ukraininan borders.

During the meeting, the Chief Border Guards of two countries signed a Plan for the Development of Cooperation between the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and the State Border Guard of the Republic of Latvia for 2021-2022. It is based on the exchange of experience in planning, management system and organization of control over the operational and service activities of units familiar with the procedure for arranging the state border. Interaction will also take place in the direction of studying modern standards of the technical component of the border service and the effective use of unmanned aerial vehicles and small border boats, exchange of experience in the field of risk analysis etc.

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