The frontier guard won the first place at the Ukrainian Kyokushin Kaikan Karate Championship

22 of September 2021 08:00

The Kyokushinkaikan Karate Open Championship of Ukraine in the «Kumite» and «Kata» sections was recently held in Dnieper.

Athletes from all over the country came to the sports arena to test their body and spirit. The championship just fell on the Day of Physical Culture and Sports. Representatives of law enforcement agencies and civilian athletes competed for the championship in martial arts on the tatami.

The 1st place in the final fight, having knocked out the opponent, in a weight category over 80 kg, in the section "Kumite", was won by the senior sergeant Evhenii Konosh.

Evhenii has been serving under contract in the ranks of the 10th mobile border detachment DOZOR since April 2019. And the path of mastering karate began 15 years ago at the age of 9. His father advised today's winner to try this discipline. Therefore, Yevhen's sports destiny is taken care of by his coach Andriy Havryliuk.

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