Terrorist defense training in Donetsk region: border guards neutralized violators on land and at sea

05 of October 2021 08:01

The next stage of joint tactical and special training on territorial defense was held near Mariupol.

According to legend, a group of violators seized the ship and tried to land on the coast. The servicemen of Donetsk Border Guard Detachment, using the coastal surveillance system, detected the infringing vessel and instructed their colleagues from the Maritime Guard. The tactical group of boats worked out interception of violators in the waters.

To strengthen the actions of the units, the training management modeled the landing of part of the violators on the coast. The conditional enemy, divided into two groups, seized the object of civil infrastructure and made an attempt to penetrate deep into the territory.

Border guards eliminated some of the violators and blocked a civilian object captured by the enemy. Interacting units were involved to isolate the area and eliminate the rest of the enemy's reconnaissance group. In particular, officers of the Security Service special unit stormed the building with violators.

It should be noted that large-scale trainings, which began in the Donetsk region a week ago, were attended by representatives of all security and defense sector units. Such training makes it possible to increase the level of combat training and coordination of actions of the units involved.

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