Strongmen of Ukraine: Border Guards of The Chop Border Detachment Won Two Gold Medals at The Strongman Competition

18 of September 2023 08:10

In Transcarpathia,the border guards took part in the Ukrainian Strongmen competition held recently in the city of Uzhhorod.

The sports event was organized by the Strongmen Federation of Ukraine with the support of the Zakarpattia Regional Military Administration, the All-Ukrainian Physical Culture and Sports Society "Kolos" and the Global International Platform for the Restoration of Ukraine "VzaiemoDiia". The main judge of the competition was the strongman world champion Vasyl Virastiuk.

Veterans and combatants, as well as representatives of military formations and law enforcement structures participated in the fight for the championship. Athletes measured their strength in rowing on a simulator, bench press and aerobikes.

Vladyslav Sobkiv and Oleksandr Kukharev, servicemen of the Chop border detachment, won the two first places.

Vladyslav Sobkiv won gold in the aerobike competition among military personnel and law enforcement officers. He "burned" the conditional 30 kilocalories (the goal of the fight) in the victorious 35 seconds.

Oleksandr Kukharev won the rowing competition on a rowing machine among the combatants. In 100 seconds, he "overcame" 506 meters.

Congratulations to the winners!

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