State Border Guard Board Considers Appointments of State Border Protection Bodies Heads Pursuant to the NOKS Project

30 of December 2019 12:26

The Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has hosted the Board meeting, at which personnel issues have been discussed.

In particular, staff reserve issues have been considered and approved for the appointment of heads of the state border protection bodies, whose candidates were admitted in respect of the “New Face of Leadership” project.

It is worth reminding that this project was implemented at the State Border Guard Service with the assistance of the US Embassy in Ukraine and the International Organization for Migration. The appointment process was competitive, to the uttermost open and objective.

25 officers were reported by the Board to participate in the selection. According to score results demonstrated by the officers, the personnel reserve was approved in the number of 15 servicemen.

Thereafter, the officers’ appointment to the leadership positions was held at the meeting.

The best selection results were shown by Colonel Oleh Trofimenko. He was appointed to the position of the Head of the Separate Checkpoint “Kyiv”. Servicemen of this unit, in particular, perform their duties at Boryspil and Zhuliany metropolitan airports.

“The Separate Checkpoint is one of the strategic directions of the SBGSU, since the tasks are performed at the largest air gates of the country. You have already possessed considerable experience and have already been in the situations where you have shown yourself to be a true patriot of Ukraine, an officer who has the honor. Your activity is an image not only of the whole SBGSU, but also of an ordinary border guard,” Serhii Deineko said during the meeting. The Head of the SBGSU drew attention to the necessity of subsequent implementation of the best border control practices in order to improve the border crossing conditions by Ukrainian as well as foreign citizens and, by all means, boost the border security.

“We have to fulfill our task in such a way that the friends of Ukraine should cross the border without catching sight of it, and for the enemies of our state the border should be impregnable and “locked”, they should meet an obstacle that cannot be bypassed, including neither through acquaintances nor money, anyhow,” the Head of the SBGSU said.

Lieutenant Colonel Denys Nikashyn, who has been serving in the air units of the SBGSU, is ranked second in the rating. Considering that the positions of heads of aviation squadrons of the department are not vacant at the moment, and the competitor does not plan to change his service occupation, since he is convinced that his knowledge and skills are better used in the specialty. For this reason he will be appointed as long as a vacant position is available.

At the same time, Serhii Deineko stated that in the near future an additional air unit will be established in the department. As agreed by Ukraine and France’s governments, the State Border Guard Service is to come into possession of 24 helicopters to maintain the integrated system of aviation security and civil protection. The officer will be considered for the commander’s position of the unit.

The People's Deputy of Ukraine Pavlo Sushko, who was present at the Board meeting, claimed that the project "New Face of Leadership” was successfully implemented at the SBGSU.

“It is an inducement and motivation for the development of military personnel. Other reforms are being implemented as well as their models are being developed in the Service. A number of issues have already been given consideration, which will further improve service efficiency. At the same time, to resolve specific issues, some of them should be taken to the legislative level,” he said.

In total, 10 officers have been appointed to the positions of heads of the state border protection bodies, who have been included in the personnel reserve in respect of the project “New Face of Leadership”.

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