Servicemen from the Izmail detachment completed the JMTG-U training course, which took place in Lviv region

01 of October 2021 08:01

Recently, servicemen of the quick reaction border commandant’s office of the Izmail detachment practiced the final phase of the JMTG-U exercise – battalion tactical exercises.

Together with the 24th Detached Assault Battalion of the 53rd Army Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the border guards practiced various combat tasks – marching as part of border outposts, conducting reconnaissance and occupying the area of location, organization of security and defense of the area of location on site, organization of control and security measures, organization of actions in taking the state border under the control of AFU units, creation of a system of protection of the state border of Ukraine, deploying into platoon columns and opening fire on the enemy and the like.

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