Russians visit Ukraine less often, as it was concluded by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in 2019

13 of February 2020 12:05

Each year border guards record an increase in the number of crossings at the state border of Ukraine, that is an increase in passenger traffic at aviation, land and sea checkpoints.

In addition to the active crossing of the border by Ukrainians, Ukraine remains attractive for foreign citizens. When about 13 million foreigners were subjected to entry and exit procedures in 2014, 14.6 million in 2017, then the year counted about 27.3 million.

Once and for all, foreigners choose a border with the EU to enter Ukraine. 6.3 million of crossings were recorded in this direction, among which 3 million went through the entry and exit procedures, with 2.4 million from Poland. In addition, 7.9 million foreigners crossed the border with Moldova, 4.5 million - with Belarus, 2.8 million - with Russia.

In total, 21.5 million foreigners went through the passport control at the land border in 2019. At the same time, foreigners often chose air travel. 5.5 million of  foreign nationals went through the entry-exit procedure at the airports, and another 265,000 guests of our country were subject to passport control at the maritime border.

According to statistics, there is a certain increase in the number of border crossings of Ukraine by citizens from Poland and Romania.

Also, compared 2018, our country became more attractive to citizens from Germany (14%), Liechtenstein (12%), Great Britain (11%), Lithuania (24%), Latvia and Sweden (13%), Luxembourg (20%), Austria (27%), Armenians (8%), Uzbeks (12%), Danes (almost 2 times), Estonians (6%), Portuguese (14%), Belgians (27%), and also to citizens from Finland (11%), Croatia (16%), Cyprus (15%) and the Philippines (+ 11%).

At the same time, there has been a slight decrease in Russians entry by 7% compared to 2018. Also, the number of citizens who traveled from Belarus (13%), Hungary (10%), Slovakia (14%), Kazakhstan, the Netherlands (9%), Spain (13%) and Bangladesh (21%) dropped to Ukraine).

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