Regarding the queues on the western border of Ukraine

02 of March 2022 08:19

As we have already noted, the flow of citizens on the border of Ukraine with the EU and Moldova has somewhat decreased. The level of congestion at checkpoints has also declined.

Comparing the state of queues for the last 12 hours (from 00:00 on March 1), we note that the number of cars waiting to cross the border has decreased from about 15,000 to 6,500 cars. Queues of pedestrians - 50-180 people.

More detailed information about the queues can be found on the Facebook page Western Regional Department of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine-Western Border.

Currently the least congested are the checkpoints:

on the border with Poland: "Yagodyn", "Ustyluh" and "Krakivets";

on the border with Slovakia: pedestrian "Mali Selmentsi";

on the border with Hungary: at all checkpoints from 10 to 50 cars;

on the border with Romania: "Solotvino";

on the border with Moldova: all free.

We remind you that all checkpoints on the western border are open 24 hours a day.

Warning! Make sure you have a minimum list of documents that will allow you to establish your identity and the identity of the accompanying children, as well as documents that can prove your family ties with minors who are accompanied unaccompanied by at least one parent and other relatives.

Border guards of Ukraine, as well as our foreign colleagues are making every effort to speed up the registration of persons leaving Ukraine.

Thank you to all law-abiding compatriots for understanding and maintaining order at the state border!

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