Hotline - 1598
Ukraine, 01601, Kyiv Volodymyrska street, 26
Macedonian attempted to smuggle 6.5 thousand of psychotropic pills
Border guards in cooperation with customs service representatives detected large quantity of psychotropic pills at border crossing point “Vadul – Siret”, Chernivts
27/03/13 - 15:19
Citizen of Russia carried “Dessert Eagle” and 1000 cartridges in fuel tank
“Dessert Eagle” gun and 1000 cartridges to it were detected at international border crossing point “Yahodyn”, Voly
27/02/13 - 11:58
24 boxes with alcoholic drinks were detected in a lorry
Border guards in cooperation with representatives of Ministry of Revenues and Taxes of Ukraine have detected cargo with alcoholic drinks in Sumy oblast.
21/02/13 - 15:56
Cartridges and cash confiscated from citizen of Russia
  The representatives of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in cooperation with Customs Service representatives detected cartridges and substantial sum of cash in one of the border crossing points in Sumy oblast
29/01/13 - 10:30
Two foreign vehicles with forged documents were confiscated at the border
Several days ago, border guards of Sumy and Chernihiv border guard detachments in cooperation with the customs service representatives confiscated two vehicles. A citizen of Russia and a citizen of Uzbekis
15/01/13 - 10:58