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Citizen of Germany with Russian passport was detained at Zhuliany airport
Few days ago, border guards of Zhuliany airport (Kyiv) detected a violator with forged passport.
27/03/13 - 15:20
Two BMW vehicles confiscated at the border
Several days ago, BMW X5 vehicle of Italian registration arrived for border and customs control at “Tysa” border crossing point, Zakarpattia oblast.     &a
27/03/13 - 15:20
1.5 kilograms of drugs were carried in a bus
The day before weekend, border guards of “Katerynivka” border crossing point (Ukrainian-Russian border) detected drugs in the bus &
27/03/13 - 15:20
Citizen of Moldova hid nearly 6 kilograms of drugs in spare wheel
Yesterday, border guards of Chernihiv border guard detachment in cooperation with customs service representatives have detained a citizen of Moldova with a large consignment of drugs. The deten
27/03/13 - 15:19
Turkish poachers attempted to fish at exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine
Yesterday, Turkish fishing schooner “Chanak Chalyk” was detained by marine guard ship “Mykolaiv”. The schooner was
27/03/13 - 15:19