Operation “Migrant”

28 of November 2019 11:47

“Migrant” operation is hold from 18 of October till 19 of November according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs order.

Representatives of State Migration Service of Ukraine, National Police, and the Security Service of Ukraine participated in campaign.

First of all, the purposes of campaign are prevention and counteraction of illegal migration, verification the rules of staying in Ukraine by foreigners.

As the result, operation members detected a huge amount of foreigners who staying in Ukraine illegally.

About 3 thousand of persons were administratively charged for the breaking Ukrainian law in the field of migration. The amount of fines more than 11.8 mln UAH.

In particular, border guards with the cooperation of others law enforcement agencies detected more than 2700 of persons who violated the Ukrainian legislation.

Simultaneously, as the results of interviewing 1130 foreigners were denied to enter Ukraine, and 1400 foreigners were prohibited to enter Ukraine.

Besides, members of operation stopped the activity of criminal group.

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