On the border with Hungary, the fugitives left almost 20 boxes of cigarettes

20 of September 2023 08:10

Recently, border guards of the Chopsky detachment prevented an attempt to illegally transfer a batch of tobacco products without Ukrainian excise duty stamps from Ukraine to Hungary.

During the implementation of operational information, the servicemen of the "Solomonovo" department, together with the operatives of the detachment, discovered the movement of five people in the direction of the state border in the area of the "Salovka" department. Unknown people were carrying packages wrapped in black film. Noticing the law enforcement officers, they abandoned their packages and fled in the direction of the village of Tysaashvan, Uzhhorod district.

In the packages left by the offenders, 9,800 packs of tobacco products with "Duty Free" stamps were counted. They were taken to the border unit.

Currently, measures are being taken to identify those involved in the crime.

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