Maritime border guards practiced jumping from a helicopter into the open sea in full munitions for the first time

20 of September 2021 08:02

Сombatants of the Special Operations Department of the 23rd Marine Border Guard Detachment together with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Navy executed practical exercises with jumps from a helicopter moving over water at an altitude of about 5 meters

The experience of parachute-free landing of the anti-sabotage group of scuba divers has already been considerable for border guards: both in the framework of international exercises, and interagency meetings, and in the program of professional training.

This time, the special forces worked out a simulation of a situation when a group of divers needs to be delivered to a hard-to-reach area, who will be able to carry out the relevant work at a certain depth. So, the diver jumps from the helicopter into the water in the equipment, with a scuba, ready to start diving and performance of tasks under water at once. The total weight of the equipment in this case is up to 30 kg. And this significantly affects the calculations of the diver's watering, so the practice of such jumps should be systematic, requires special concentration and training.

Such practical classes are planned for the near future and will be held on an ongoing basis to improve the skills and abilities of combatants and the ability to perform tasks in a full range - from countering sabotage groups to search and rescue operations.

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