Law enforcement officers seized 10 russian vessels that were being repaired in Ukraine

13 of April 2022 10:00

Shipowners tried to smuggle them out of Ukraine, changing their national origin.

Border guards in Odesa region, together with the staff of the State Bureau of Investigation, found out the ownership of the vessels that were blocked due to russian aggression and seized 10 ships of the aggressor country in the interests of Ukraine's economy.

Law enforcement officers detected 8 russian cargo vessels and 2 tankers that were in the waters of the ports of Odessa region for preventive repairs.

According to preliminary information, in order to minimize mandatory payments to the state budget of Ukraine, the cost of these vessels was underestimated at least 5 times.

Border guards carried out filtration activities with crew members, many of whom were russian citizens.

The results of filtering measures are also included in the materials of the criminal case on the fact of abuse of power.

Currently, the vessels have been transferred for storage to the Seaports Administration of Ukraine. Crews are on board to ensure the ships survivability.

Relevant materials were sent to the Odessa Regional Military Administration with the initiative to nationalize ships in favor of Ukraine.

From now on, the property of the aggressor country will serve in the interests of Ukraine to restore its economy.

Glory to Ukraine!

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