Joint US-Ukrainian military exercises are over in Cherkasy region

08 of October 2021 08:01

The training course “High-precision shooting and surveillance” was held on the basis of the Main Personnel Training Center of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

16 snipers improved their skills together with two foreign instructors.

In particular, special forces of the 10th separate border guard detachment of rapid response of the State Border Guard Service and the KORD National Police unit took part in the training.

The training was supported by the Law Enforcement Department of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

The purpose of the training course was to increase the level of professional skills of participants to ensure the safety of the population, high-ranking officials and other law enforcement officers during tactical operations, during mass events, as well as counteracting internal and external threats.

This training provided an opportunity for participants to improve the level of professional skills required to ensure safety during various activities. And in case of necessity of weapon use, to guarantee legality of its use and to minimize risk of harm to citizens and other servicemen, relying on the established principles of law enforcement activity and the best experience.

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