Joint statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and State Border Guard Service of Ukraine on the border crossing by foreign mass-media representatives

23 of April 2014 08:55

Regarding the attempts of Russian party to unreasonably accuse Ukraine in making restrictions on the freedom of speech and, particularly, making obstacles

Regarding the attempts of Russian party to unreasonably accuse Ukraine in making restrictions on the freedom of speech and, particularly, making obstacles for Russian mass-media representatives entering Ukraine, we consider it necessary to mention the following.

Human rights and freedoms in Ukraine are guaranteed, comfortable conditions for national and foreign mass-media are organized, and that was proved by numerous statements of respected international organizations

We do realize and highly appreciate the role journalists play in the development of democratic society and building of Ukraine as a European state.

Ukraine is open for visiting for all mass-media representatives, without exceptions. There are no complicated bureaucratic procedures for foreign journalists in Ukraine. In particular, in contrast to practices common for many foreign states, Ukrainian legislation does not provide for obligatory accreditation for the foreign mass-media representatives as a ground for their performing their professional activity on the territory of our country.

We do greatly encourage visiting of Ukraine by the largest possible number of foreign mass-media for objective covering the events and news in Ukraine and to prevent the attempts of third countries to intentionally distort facts and spread deceptive information.

Personnel of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine did not create unreasonable obstacles for crossing the state border by foreign mass-media representatives, and will not create such obstacles in future.

At the same time, all the foreign journalists as well as other foreign citizens and stateless persons must strictly adhere to the legislation of Ukraine while their crossing the state border. We pay attention that in the course of border guard procedures it is necessary to indicate and confirm the purpose of the visit to Ukraine, have sufficient financial means for the period of staying in Ukraine and not to violate the rules of crossing the Ukrainian state border.

In case when citizens, irrespective of their citizenship and profession, provide untruthful information or violate the order of border control procedures, personnel of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine have the right to refuse the violators to cross the border. This corresponds fully to the common international practice and legislation of the vast majority of foreign countries.

In the conditions of factual occupation of a part of Ukrainian territory by the Russian Federation as well as orchestrated from abroad attempts to destabilize the situation in the Southern and Western regions of our state, we kindly ask to treat with proper understanding the fact that the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine enhanced control over border crossings.

Therefore, actions of the border guards, who responsibly treat their service duties, are not targeted against any third party or restriction of mass-media representatives’ rights and freedoms, but only aimed at securing the country from penetration of persons with criminal intentions against Ukraine to the territory of our state.

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