International experts highly estimated cooperation with the State Border Guard Service

23 of April 2019 09:23

A two-day seminar on support for the development of a National Strategy for Integrated Border Management (IBM) in Ukraine was completed in Kyiv.

The representatives of the State Border Guard Service and interested central executive authorities of Ukraine took place in the training. The training was organized by FRONTEX, Consultative Mission of the European Union EUAM.

 “The Consultative Mission of the EU provides advice to law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. Our main partners are the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Police, the Custom Service and the State Border Guard Service. We are focusing our activity from investigation crimes to providing the public order. Our main goal is to reform the civilian security sector, to make it more reliable, more transparent, more effective, that it respects the public” said Frederick Wessalla, Deputy Head of the EU Consultative Mission.

Participants discussed a number of issues, in particular the development and concept of European Integrated Border Management and its technical and operational strategy. Also parties discussed the role of interdepartmental cooperation in the national IBM.

Ukraine, as one of the Eastern Partnership countries, is actively improve its level of border security according to the cooperation with FRONTEX agency.  

It should be noted that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a Resolution on the establishment of a high-level interagency working group on coordination of Integrated Border Management. In addition, in the beginning of April, a group of high-level EU advisers worked in Ukraine.

The establishment of such a coordination body is considered by the European institutions as one of the main steps taken by Ukraine to integrate into the EU.

 “We have excellent cooperation with Ukrainian border guards at both central and local levels. During the training, we demonstrate our experience in the implementation of the Integrated Border Management Strategy and observe the experience of Ukrainian colleagues,” noted Marcin Drugdg, eternal international expert, officer of international cooperation of the Border Guard of Poland Republic.

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