Inspectors of the border service have mastered the skills of managing and operating small border boats

17 of September 2023 08:10

The sea tests and teaches a lot. A well-coordinated crew, where everyone has a leading direction of work, should always be ready to perform tasks for the protection of the state border.

In the Training Center of the Maritime Guard, border service inspectors mastered the skills of using, maintaining and managing a small border boat for a month.

There are many circumstances, factors and reasons for the occurrence of accidents on sea and river transport. Therefore, the main focus of the advanced training course under the "Motorist-helmsman of a small border boat" program is focused on the peculiarities of driving a small boat and comprehensive mastering by border guards of the Rules for sailing on the sea, rivers, reservoirs and other bodies of water.

An important part of the training of border guard inspectors is practical classes, which are conducted against the background of a specific situation with simulation of typical situations related to the performance of duty and daily activities of border guard units. Controlling a small border boat requires full concentration every second.

During the classes, Borys Matrenytskyi, a senior teacher of the electromechanical equipment department, outlined the main causes of emergency events: "An emergency event can occur as a result of one or several reasons at the same time. The following are considered gross and unacceptable violations: use of watercraft without proper technical inspection, in inappropriate areas and conditions for swimming, lack of rescue equipment on a small boat, swimming in adverse hydrometeorological conditions or in the dark.

Proper organization of shift work on the gangway, compliance with the rules for maintenance and operation of the main engines, control over the condition of fuel and oil filters and their timely replacement, avoidance of running aground, skillful maneuvering - standards and rules, the strict observance of which is a guarantee of safe operation of watercraft .

During practical training, motorists-coxswains assessed the situation, took into account the flow of water, the speed and direction of the wind, the distance to the shore, etc. At the same time, they developed the skills of serving on board a small border boat in special conditions and actions in rescuing personnel on the water.

Polishing of professional knowledge is certified by an appropriate certificate and engraved in the experience of each student.

Good and accident-free service to my brothers.

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