In Transcarpathia, during the day, border guards stopped 4 groups of border violators, one of which a Russian undertook to cross

14 of September 2023 08:05

Recently, during the day, in Zakarpattia, border guards of the Mukachevo detachment stopped 7 attempts to violate the border, as a result of which 14 citizens of Ukraine and one Russian were detained.

Three Ukrainians tried to secretly cross the border alone, the rest in groups of two to five men. Some of the violators were detained thanks to the activation of camera traps.

Thus, the largest group of fugitives together with the guide was detained by the border guard from the Yablunivka department. A resident of the village of Rakosh tried to ferry three residents of Ivano-Frankivsk region and one resident of Ternopil region to Romania. During the detention, three violators ignored the legal demands of the border guards and tried to escape. Protocols were drawn up regarding them.

In addition, all four men, who tried to cross the border illegally, were issued administrative offense reports. As for their guide, a resident of Transcarpathia, the border guards sent a report to the National Police about identifying signs of a crime.

Two Ukrainians, residents of Transcarpathia, who were also going to enter Romania illegally, decided to use the services of a Russian citizen. The foreigner has been permanently living in Ukraine for the past few years. For his services, the grief-forwarder planned to receive 1,000 US dollars from his clients. The perpetrators were detained by the border guards of the Dyakove department. The Russian is currently facing criminal charges for committing the crime.

Two more groups of 2 violators stopped the border patrols of the "Tyachiv" and "Kosino" departments.

And three men who were moving independently were hindered by servicemen of the "Business" and "Luzhanka" departments.

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