In “Krakivets” borderguards detected drug-containing pills in stockings hidden in the car's structural cavities

23 of September 2021 08:00

A Volkswagen Passat driven by a 39-year-old Ukrainian citizen has recently arrived at “Krakivets” border crossing point.

Taking into consideration the existing risks of illegal movement of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors across the border and the information of the operational unit of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and the National Police, borderguards together with customs officers conducted an in-depth inspection of the car.

During the inspection, stockings with 16 blisters of the drug "ACATAR ACTI-TABS" - with the active substance pseudoephedrine were found in the car. Further deep inspection of the car allowed law enforcement officers to find another 194 blisters of this drug, which the criminal carefully packed in stockings and hid under the mat of the front passenger seat, in the car door, in a niche under the wheel, in the air conditioning system. In total law enforcement officers found out 210 blisters, and that is 2520 tablets.

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