Experts from the United States conducted training on counteracting improvised explosive devices

02 of October 2021 08:01

The training was organized with the support of the Export Control and Border Security Program of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

On the basis of the Center for Training to Counteract the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction of the main center, the second basic stage of training the personnel of the State Border Guard Service to counteract improvised explosive devices is underway. The first stage took place in July 2021.

For participants who came from different parts of Ukraine, classes are conducted by international experts from the United States.

Training participants consider issues related to the impact factors during the explosion, their structure, the main explosives used to create them, the procedure for assessing threats during the detection of these devices, methods of investigating probable locations and identifying vulnerable areas. They also spend a lot of time practicing explosive devices in vehicles using a variety of technical means and devices.

This training is the second in a series of relevant training activities. In the future, it is planned to conduct other exercises, which will be devoted to training in the search for improvised explosive devices in combination with hazardous chemicals and radioactive substances.

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