Borderguards detained violators in Lviv and Transcarpathian regions, one of them was accompanied by the guide

22 of February 2022 08:01

Two illegal migrants were detained by the borderguards of Mukachevo borderguard detachment while implementating information provided by officers of the operational and search department.

A 29-year-old citizen of Uzbekistan, who arrived in our country legally at the end of last year, was detained near the Ukrainian-Hungarian border by the borderguards of Luzhanka borderguard division. The foreigner was accompanied by the citizen of Ukraine, a 47-year-old resident of Dyida village. The actions of our citizen can be characterized as those with elements of offence. The borderguards sent a report on this fact to Berehove regional police department of the Head Office of the National Police in Transcarpathian region.

Another traveler was detained by the borderguards of Solotvino borderguard section of the same detachment 600 meters from the border with Romania. The man had an Algerian passport with him. Marks in the passport indicated that the foreigner also had arrived in Ukraine legally.

The traveler from Ghana was detained by borderguards of Lviv borderguard detachment near the border with Poland.

According to the resident of the border he was stopped by the borderguards of Rava-Ruska borderguard division on the outskirts of one of villages of Lviv district. The borderguards found out that the foreigner, a 29-year-old Ghanaian, had also entered Ukraine legally, but planned to travel further to the EU outside the border crossing point.

Ukrainians and foreigners were taken to the borderguard units to find out all the circumstances of the offence. Their future will be determined by the court.

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