Border Guards Won All the Prizes at the CSIT World Sports Games in Italy

19 of September 2023 08:10

Hand-to-hand combat competitions were held in Chervia between September 3 and 10. Hand-to-hand soldiers - military personnel of the State Border Guard Service took part in them and won all possible prize places.

Anatolii Zhurakivskyi in the weight category of 70 kg, Valentyn Zhurakivskyi in the weight category of 60 kg and Ruslan Datskov in the weight category + 90 kg won the first place in the "dosed contact" section.

The second place was won by Nazar Lutskiv in the 65 kg weight category and Anton Chobotan in the 90 kg weight category.

Border guard Oleksandr Kysylytsia took the third place in the weight category of 80 kg.

And also in the "light contact" section, the teacher of the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the National Academy of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Yevhenii Khotin demonstrated a high level of training and won 1st place in the weight category up to 90 kg.

We congratulate the winners and wish them new sporting achievements!

In total, more than 5,000 athletes from more than 35 countries of the world took part in the games.

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