Border guards repulsed an enemy attack in Luhansk region. One rashist was captured

10 of April 2022 09:48

"It was the fourth attempt by the orcs," said an officer with the call sign Roy, who is defending the position.

The unit under the leadership of a young officer without losses successfully restrains the advance of the enemy, whom “knocked teeth out”after each outing.

The land near the positions of border guards is littered with enemy corpses, but this does not stop the invaders who climb and climb.

The strength and power, the steadfastness of the young commander is a shining example of devotion.

“There is no confusion, there is an understanding of responsibility for the lives of subordinates. You have to perform a combat mission without succumbing to emotions. One wrong command is worth the lives of our cobrothers,” says Roy.

This time the rashists tried again to sneak imperceptibly into the positions of our fighters. Border guards identified the threat in time as usual and generously treated the uninvited with lead. From the shots, the attackers began to run away like rats. As a result, they received even more bullets from the defenders of Ukraine.

Many invaders were killed, and one of the wounded begged not to shoot and surrendered. The prisoner, a native of Stakhanov, admitted that since 2019 he has been an artilleryman.

Relevant experts will find out whether he was involved in the shelling of peaceful Ukrainians.

Border guards continue to hold their positions courageously and are ready to say to the enemy for the fifth time: "f… off from Ukrainian land!".

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