Border guards of Lutsk border guard detachment met guests from Poland

14 of August 2013 16:21

“European Neighbor’s Days” are held from 9 to 15 of August at the area of "Hrabove" bo

“European Neighbor’s Days” are held from 9 to 15 of August at the area of "Hrabove" border guard division, Lutsk border guard detachment. On these days border guards have a lot of work, because during short period thousands of visitors cross the border from both sides. As a rule, there are no serious problems during Neighbor’s Days, because people are going to celebration with good intentions.

This year's event takes place for the fourth time. Border villages Zberezhe and Adamchuky (on both banks of the Bug) for a few days become the symbol of union of Ukraine and EU. Pontoon bridge and temporary border crossing point are equipped for citizens of Ukraine and Poland.

This year's events began with welcome ceremony. During the speeches guests emphasized on the fact that "European Neighbor’s Days" were designed to create cooperation between Ukraine and Poland, involve society, popularize Ukrainian and Polish cultures.

The organizers of the event have planned a lot of interesting sporting, cultural and recreational activities (cycle race and heat "Polissia", cross-border football tournament and tournament for fishermen). Besides, guests would be able to listen to Ukrainian and Polish music groups and to attend fairs. Business forums and workshops will be held during these days.

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