Border guard was detained in Zakarpattia in the act of smuggling

21 of September 2023 08:05

Internal Security Department officers exposed an inspector of the Chop BG Detachment on smuggling persons of military age across the state border.

Law enforcement officers revealed that the serviceman and his brother were looking for potential clients for whom they promised to assist in leaving Ukraine through one of the BCPs in exchange for a monetary reward. The price of this service was USD 10,000 per person.

The border guard and his brother were detained in Uzhhorod when they received an advance payment of UAH 120,000 for the smuggling. The operation was carried out jointly with the State Bureau of Investigation under the supervision of the Zakarpattia Specialized Prosecutor's Office in the field of defense of the Western region.

The inspector was currently served a notice of suspicion in committing a criminal offense. The issue of choosing a type of preventive punishment is being decided.

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