At the border the carrier was tricked - not Stepa, but four passengers came on a double boat

05 of April 2022 12:34

In Vinnytsia region, law enforcement officers stopped another attempt to illegally cross the Ukrainian-Moldovan border across the Dniester.

According to operatives of the State Border Guard Service, border guards of the Mohyliv-Podilskyi detachment, in cooperation with police and representatives of the DBR TU in Khmelnytsky region, detained the carrier and four of his "clients".

In particular, on the banks of the Dniester, the military detained a Moldovan citizen who crossed the river in a double rubber boat. The boatman landed on the shore, and seeing the border guards, tried to escape. He was stopped with the help of a service dog and warning shots.

The detainee admitted that he was in a difficult situation and that he was offered to transport a passenger, Stepa, from Ukraine to Moldova for $ 200.

In fact, there were four passengers waiting on the shore of the carrier, who intended to go abroad. The "passengers" reported that it was not they who agreed on the voyage and the price, but the representatives of their "community" in Moldova.

Thanks to the vigilance of border guards, it was possible not only to prevent the violation of the border, but also a possible tragedy on the water.

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