About 120,000 people cross the western border every day

01 of March 2022 07:58

More than 120,000 people crossed the state border of Ukraine in the western part of the past day. We will add that before aggravation of a humanitarian situation passenger traffic was at the level of 50 thousand persons.

110,000 citizens are registered as border guards to leave Ukraine, of which almost 90,000 are Ukrainians.

At the same time, the largest passenger traffic takes place in the Polish section, last day - 68 thousand people.

Border guards together with colleagues from neighboring countries are making every effort to register citizens as soon as possible.

Border clearance has been simplified as much as possible, first of all for women and children, in particular, the list of documents that you need to have with you when leaving the country has been minimized.

Pedestrian registration is provided at almost all checkpoints.

On the border with Hungary, two additional checkpoints were open 24 hours a day.

The congestion of checkpoints is constantly covered on the website of the Western Regional Office of the Office https://www.facebook.com/zahidnuy.kordon, so that citizens can choose the least filled checkpoints.

It should be noted that the information about restrictions on foreigners leaving Ukraine is not true. At the same time we will remind about restriction of departure to men - citizens of Ukraine, aged from 18 till 60 years, for the period of action of a legal mode of martial law.

In addition, regarding the crossing of the border by foreigners, we emphasize that there is no discrimination on the basis of race or nationality, there is only a statutory registration procedure that applies to all nationalities. It is not possible to cross the border out of turn.

We advise citizens to take this information into account when planning the border crossing, and to choose the least congested checkpoints in advance.

At the same time we ask citizens to be self-organized, being in line, it will speed up movement across the border.

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