A Ukrainian border violator calls 102 for rescue as he gets lost in the Transcarpathian mountains

04 of February 2023 08:20

Border guards of Chop border guard detachment found a Ukrainian national who intended to enter Slovakia illegally on the suburbs of the village of Novoselytsia in the district of Uzhhorod.

The 25-year-old man expected to reach the border using the navigator in his mobile phone. From the railway station, he set off on foot following a route laid out in advance. However, he soon lost his way and got lost in the mountains. He spent the whole night in the forest among the mountains. The man became cold and was quite frightened when he realized that he would not be able to get out of the forest on his own. Therefore, in the morning, when mobile connection became available, the man immediately called the emergency police number 102 and asked the law enforcement officers for help. The police informed the border guards of the man promptly.

Border guards involved additional border guard units with search dogs to find the man.

Soon, the border guards found the lost man a few kilometers from the border. He turned out to be a resident of Zaporizhzhia. The offender admitted that he was planning to reach Slovakia illegally. He planned to decide on the route as soon as he would get there. However, he did not expect that the mountainous terrain would be so challenging. The man was given the necessary help. Now he is doing well and is safe.

The offender was taken to the border unit in order to establish all the circumstances of the case and draw up administrative and procedural documents. He will have to appear in court for the attempt to cross the border illegally.

Once again, we urge citizens not to risk their health and lives by choosing illegal ways. We should remind that the previous year the border guards repeatedly recorded cases of death of men who attempted to cross the border illegally.

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