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Serhii Deineko: We have to eradicate concept “smuggling activity on the state border”
26/06/19 - 16:59

Today, Head of the State Border Guard Service, colonel Serhii Deineko solemnly opened “Reni” Border Guard Division of Izmail Border Guard Detachment.

Chief of border agency together with the chiefs of Southern Regional Directorate and Izmail Border Guard Detachment, as well as representatives of regional and district government had congratulated border guards.

Head of the State Border Guard Service Serhii Deineko during his speech said:

Today, the position of Ukrainian society requires fundamental changes in our state, and border agency is a part of this state. We have been entrusted a difficult task. We have to eradicate concept “smuggling activity on the state border” at all. We have to fill the state budget, and create fair conditions for the competition of Ukrainian producers of goods and services. We have to stop plunder the state. First of all, plundered state is yours low salary.

Also, Serhii Deineko expressed hope that times of corruption in the past. He gave an example of recent detention by the border guard of Chernivtsi Border Guard Detachment a huge amount of cigarettes at the “Porubne” border crossing point.

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