Sea Breeze- 2020. The Main Planning Conference on International Exercises Was Held in Odessa

20 of February 2020 08:30

Japan, South Korea and Norway will join the “Sea Breeze” in Odessa this year among other 20 participating countries.

During this week in the "capital" of the traditional Sea Breeze exercises - Odessa, the multinational headquarters agreed on the concept and the main scenario of future maneuvers.

Detailed plan, content of strategic and training tasks, composition of participating countries, determining locations, firing areas, as well as other components of complex multicomponent activities - all this was stated, calculated, assigned to the legend of the exercises, taking into account the specifics of each participating agency and structure.

The exercises are traditionally organized by Ukraine and the USA. About 20 countries have joined this year. According to the Head of Exercises from Ukraine, Captain of the 1st rank, Oleksii Doskato, - an important indicator this year was the attraction of new participants, namely representatives of Japan and South Korea. Also, for the first time in the history of Sea Breeze, the Norwegian Armed Forces will be involved in the land component.

Experts from Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Georgia, Denmark, Estonia, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Sweden worked at the multinational headquarters.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine plans to participate in the Sea Breeze 2020 with 7 units of the ship-cater crew and 3 units of special actions of the Maritime Guard, the Border Guard Commandant’s Office of rapid response of the Izmail Border Guard Detachment, and the special DOZOR detachment, aircraft and helicopter of the Border Guard Aviation. Consequently, more than 200 border guards will be involved in the naval, land, anti-sabotage, diving and aerial components of the exercise.

“Each year, together with my colleagues from the Navy of the Armed Forces, Special Forces, National Guard, Air Force of the Armed Forces and foreign partners we consider the unique opportunity to participate in Sea Breeze as the realization of training of personnel with the highest efficiency in the most realistic conditions. Each year, we increase the complexity and variety of the exercises that will be performed, with the compulsory repetition of everything we have achieved over the past years.

Such experience of coherence and enrichment of knowledge, skills, professional secrets is the main achievement of the exercise for the personnel, "- stated the representative of the State Border Guard Service 2 rank Captain Yuri Nechyporuk at the " Breeze-2020 " exercise conference.

So, according to legend, during the two weeks of July, the border guards will be involved in both maneuvering and shooting, in paratrooping by means of special devices, and without parachutes, in forced stopping of the offending vessel both from water and from air, in surface and underwater searches and capture of bridgeheads within the international unit. One of the new exercises to be completed will be evacuation of the unit from the water using a special device after completing the tasks.

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