Petro Tsygykal: By increasing the number of conscripts, we will be able to increase the density and quality of border protection and provide comfort to the personnel
05/02/19 - 15:57

In the interview to the 5th Channel, the Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Petro Tsygykal told about plans to strengthen the border protection.

The Head of the Border Guard Service noted that the task of strengthening the state border was determined by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. And this includes both the technical equipment of the border and certain maneuvers by means of forces and means.

The main task, set by the President of Ukraine, is primarily to develop a set of measures that would allow to increase the number of staff at all border crossing points. Priority is the border with EU countries. In addition, we have to increase the density of the state border protection. Also, we have to stop irrelevant transfers of military personnel, to make rotation only in case of official necessity, to improve the service conditions of personnel, to reduce the service load, to intensify housing construction for military personnel, to consider a possibility of further gradual increase of the staff salary and also a number of other tasks.

The Head of the Service noted that “we have a certain shortage of personnel at border crossing points. Accordingly, there is a growing load on those officers and contractors who work there. At the same time, our military personnel are involved in the protection of the “green border”, but most of them already have relevant experience and could carry out duties at border crossing points.“

“By temporarily increasing the recruitment of conscripts, we will be able to solve two important tasks - to increase the density and quality of border guarding and to provide staff at the border crossing points with more comfortable conditions of service, as the service load on them will be significantly reduced,” said Petro Tsygykal in an interview.

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