In Zhytomyr Oblast, border guards donated blood for their wounded comrades

17 of September 2023 08:05

Recently, border guards of the 9th detachment named after the Sich Riflemen joined the action "Donate blood - save a life", which took place in one of the border towns.

In addition to border guards, police officers, teachers, public figures and simply concerned residents of the settlement also joined the action. The purpose of the event was to collect donated blood to provide medical aid to wounded servicemen from the Defense Forces of Ukraine, as well as to all those who became victims of Russian aggression and need this type of support.

In total, more than a hundred people took part in the action.

This act of nobility reflects an important principle of military service - unbreakable solidarity, mutual aid and support for each other in any circumstances.

Let this example serve as a reminder of the importance of various actions for the sake of Ukraine's victory. Join, your blood can fight!

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