In Zakarpattia, a service dog caught escapees planning to swim across the Tysa River

08 of July 2024 08:15

In Zakarpattia, 50 meters from the border with Romania, border guards from the "Hrushovo" unit of the Mukachevo detachment detained four border violators along with their guide.

The guide, a local resident, was paid $8,000 by three men and $7,000 by another. After receiving inflatable rings from the "guide," the "travelers" headed towards the Tisza River under his escort, where they were detected and detained by the border patrol. During the detention, two of the offenders ignored the lawful demands of the servicemen and tried to escape. A service dog and warning shots were used to apprehend them. The swimmers and their assistants were taken to the border unit to draw up protocols for their administrative offenses. The border guards reported signs of a crime in the guide's actions to the National Police. Additionally, the detachment's operatives are conducting measures to locate the organizer of the criminal scheme for smuggling people across the state border.

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