04 of March 2022 08:28

As of noon March 3rd, the passenger traffic at the borders of Ukraine with the EU countries and Moldova is still declining. The level of congestion at checkpoints has also decreased significantly.

Comparing the situation within the last 12 hours (beginning from midnight March 3rd), we can state that the number of cars waiting to cross the borders has also reduced from approximately 1700 to 250. The queues of pedestrians are approximately 25-100 people.

Any further information about the queues can be obtained on the Facebook profile of the Western Regional Department of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine-Western Border.

Currently, relatively small queues of cars are recorded at the following checkpoints:

on the border with Poland: "Yahodyn" (20 cars);

on the border with Slovakia: Uzhhorod (40 cars);

on the border with Hungary: "Luzhanka" (40 cars), "Vylok" (20 cars);

on the border with Romania: "Porubne" (40 cars).

The rest of the checkpoints are free.

IMPORTANT: at present, in addition to the registration of persons, border guards together with customs officers are actively registering humanitarian goods.

We REMIND that all checkpoints on the western border operate 24 hours a day.

PLEASE NOTE: you need to have the minimum list of documents that will allow you to identify your personality and the person accompanying the children, as well as documents that can verify your family relations with unaccompanied minors, at least with one parent, or other relatives.

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