He went to the last battle under Bakhmut...

08 of February 2023 10:26

Maksym Nechyporenko, a 26-year-old senior sergeant of the Luhansk border detachment, gave his life in the fight against the Russian occupiers for a happy future for all of Ukraine.

His last battle with the enemy took place on January 27 near Bakhmut in the village of Ivanivske in Donetsk region - he was in firing positions when he received life-threatening injuries.

Maksym Nechyporenko was originally from Glukhovo, Sumy Oblast. There he graduated from an agricultural technical college, and later - obtained a master's degree at the Glukhiv University of Pedagogy.

He dreamed of teaching, creating a family, but Russian terrorists ended the life of a Ukrainian defender for the sake of the ambitions of a lame dictator. Maksym is survived by his father, two sisters and the girl he dreamed of marrying.

Unfortunately, the heroes die - they are killed by Russia. Every Ukrainian soldier will take revenge for the spilled blood of his brothers and sisters until our land is freed from the invader!

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