«Explosive Order». A Ukrainian woman transported a grenade to Hungary

08 of July 2024 08:16

In Zakarpattia, border guards of the Mukachevo detachment stopped an attempt to illegally transport ammunition across the border.

At the «Dzvinkove» checkpoint, while inspecting vehicles leaving Ukraine, a service dog trained to detect explosives alerted the guards.

It was found that a 24-year-old Ukrainian citizen, who arrived at the checkpoint in a Honda car, had placed an F-1 grenade body, its fuse, and a 5.45 mm cartridge in her travel bag among personal belongings.

According to the traveler, she was asked to deliver the grenade by acquaintances living in Budapest.

A report of criminal activity was sent to the National Police.

The discovered items were seized by the investigative team of the Berehove District Police Department in Zakarpattia.

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